Master Lou Bedinotti has been in the martial arts since 1973. In that time he ha attained a 6th degree black belt in Ju-jutsu & Ninjutsuwith ndegrees also in Iron Palm, Kempo, Wing Chun and is an expert in all weaponry. He has appeared in  martial arts video game & has choreographed martial arts fight scenes. 

Here at the MA Academy, we combine many arts togrther to produce a REALISTIC way of fighting in a safe enviroment. He teaches many different law enforcment agencies so the format is geared towards street survival & REALISTC combat. 

We at the MA Academy strive to find out what works & what doesn't work mon the street constantly adapting & learning more about our selves & the peop;e around us being humble and non violent. 

We believe on training hard in constant repitition tp accomplish a conditioned response, or what's known as "The Spirit of the Warrior" or "Mushin"

The physical aspect of the martial arts is only 10% of the training as vigorous as it may be. The mental & spiritual part of the arts makes up the rest of the 90%

Without the "Spirit of the Warrior" you have a pretty package with nothing in it.

These traits are found in the code of Bushido, in which we live by & are practiced in a family atmosphere.

Bu- Warrior, the samurai were great warriors never saying die but not only in combat. They strived to br the best in every day life such as their relationships, work, friendship, etc.

Shi- Scholar, gentlman, the samurai weren't just great warriors, they were poets, artists, musicians. Constantly learning about life & were respected as gentlemen with great manners & ethics.

Do- Way

Ju-jutsu is the mainstream art we follow.

Ju- gentle,soft,adaptable & flexible.

Jutsu- Art

Ju-jutsu is the science of sofness, techniques of combat delivered by the Bushi around 1185-1333 in Japan. The essential principle of ju-jutsu is to conquer the enemy with any & all means with minimal force , hence the term "gentle art".

When Ju-jutsu first came to America it aquired different spellings to accommodate the english language such as Ju-jitsu, Jiu-jitsi , Jiu-juitsu.

We practice fudoshin & zenshin

Fudoshin- Mindset, fearless. It applies to the warrior who remains calm in all circumstances.

Zenshin- Awareness , knowing all

Martial-Arts is a way of life, not just a way of fighting.